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About Us - Wilcox - Corpus Christi Texas Furniture Store

Wilcox Furniture has been providing South Texas with quality furniture since 1953.

Why should a customer buy at Wilcox?

We have been working very hard to have a great selection for each room of the house so our customers can begin to work with a particular color or style and build a better quality of life in their home. In addition to that, our sales associates, for the past five years, have been retraining to keep better informed on the latest changes in the furniture manufacturing and interior design process. This helps us better inform our customers on which brand or style may suit each individuals needs.Our office staff works to improve service at the point of sale, and our warehouse staff has new facilities to serve our customers more quickly.

What makes Wilcox Furniture different from other stores?

We adjust our goals each year to serve our customer’s more efficiently. We’ve remodeled stores and improved our infrastructure. Each year we have been setting higher standards and achieving these goals. Some examples of these goals are better lighting, easy read price tags, more up-to-date stock information and intensive training on all levels of operations and sales. All of this means a more convenient and pleasant shopping experience for our customers. But if the value isn’t there, it’s really meaningless. So, we shop harder all over the U.S. and find excellent quality for the price and pass the savings on to the consumer. We really want to be the number one furniture dealer in South Texas.

What changes do we see in the future for our company?

We have been working to improve our shipping and receiving, as you can tell from the opening of our new central distribution facility. We are shortening the time it takes to get the merchandise from our warehouse to our customer’s homes. Customers are provided more flexibility on their delivery days. Also, we have been improving our web site, including more sale merchandise and a smoother flow of information when the customer has a question while surfing the web. We are updating our service department so we can respond more quickly when a problem does occur.

What makes our sales staff better?

Every new sales associate in our company goes through a 4 week intensive training program that introduces them to each product category. There is a tremendous amount of information available today and we sort through this information and make sure the customer is properly informed before they make the big decision to purchase new home furnishings. We also train our staff to be interested in the purpose of their purchase. Too many sales people today are only interested in their commission. We strive to take a personal interest in the customer and use our expertise to match their needs to what our products have to offer them. We also have weekly and monthly meetings to keep our staff current on all the new things happening in the industry.

How would Wilcox be described, in a few words?

Whew! Well, we would start with value, because we really focus on getting the customer more for their money. Quality would be the next word we would focus on because if the furniture won’t perform, then it would ruin the value statement. Service is extremely important. We want to listen to needs, provide a solution, and deliver that solution for a better quality of life in a short amount of time. The last word would be convenience. We package a great number of suites on our floor. We want to coordinate rooms so customers don’t have to think about which table should go with a particular suite. We’ll keep things coordinated and make decorating around a theme easier.

In Addition:

We celebrated 50 years in September 2003, and we are so excited to reach another mile stone in our history in South Texas! We have come a long way in the last few years and we are enthusiastic about the future and the challenges ahead. We will continue to improve every aspect of our business and make more satisfied customers every day. That’s what it’s all about!

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